Iris 1 "Baseline"

Stephanie Hoppe Handwoven Rugs

Iris 1: Baseline

Wool warp, hand-dyed wool weft
9  by 13 inches

I  first wove this small tapestry as a " baseline" for the series, keeping very literal  to my  design sketch with primarily  traditional Western tapestry techniques. I wove the piece sideways (starting from what is now the left side) to take advantage of the greater resolution in that direction, given there are 6 warps per inch and 45 wefts per inch. The curving leaves on the right side suffered a bit from that decision,  appearing stepwise where they turned more vertical during the weaving. I took liberties with the color of the blossoms, making them darker and brighter than in reality--in this flatter medium, they seemed to need that emphasis to establish their presence as the calm stillness that balances the restlessly reaching leaves.