Iris 2 "Raised Outline"

Stephanie Hoppe Handwoven Rugs

Iris 2: Full Bloom

Wool warp, hand-dyed wool weft
15 by 21 inches

"Raised outline" is a Navajo technique of weaving vertical lines with two colors of weft by always placing each color in the same shed rather than alternating sheds. The "outline" part comes from carrying a weft at an angle across two warps to where it needs again to be inserted, which raises it above the surface of the textile and can be used  to emphasize a pattern or design details (see detail image to the right).  Viewing this tapestry  more from the side, one sees these raised edging lines very prominantly,  with the vertical lines that make up the image almost disappearing for, to me, a very haunting effect.



Iris 2 detail