Iris 3 Wedgeweave

Stephanie Hoppe Handwoven Rugs

Iris 3: In Green Waters

Wool warp, hand-dyed wool weft
16  by 21 inches

In this tapestry, the Navajo wedgeweave technique imposes a strong discipline on my design, and  while maintaining the stretch and curve of the leaves and the stillness of the blossoms, it becomes more abstract, almost watery, or as if reflected in rippling water.

The detail image to the left shows the technique more clearly--wefts woven in angled strips, to the right and then to the left to balance the weave for a structurally sound and square textile. The scalloped edges are a hallmark of this technique. For the blossoms  I used a variation on wedgeweave developed by my teacher, the Swiss tapestry weaver Silvia Heyden, which she calls feather weave.



Iris 3 detail