Iris 8 Dreams-of-Spring

Stephanie Hoppe Handwoven Rugs

Iris 8: Dreams-of-Spring

Wool warp, hand-dyed wool weft
16  by 21 inches

Here again is the Navajo twill weave of Iris 5, but woven sideways (from the left side) and with eccentric wefts, that is, each color segment is woven separately and departing from a right angle to the warp. As in Iris 5, this weave allows both "waves'" and "diamonds." Here I have reversed their use, with the leaves rendered in blocks of variously angled diamonds, the blossoms in waves--I was happy to see how they appear watery, dreamlike and imaginary.  I worked on this weaving through the darkest days of rainy winter,  the wettest December on record they say,  weaving the blossoms in yellow rather than lavender as I dreamt of the return of the sun.