rug collage FIELD OF FLOWERS

What is more fragile and fleeting than a blossom? Or more powerful and inexorable than a bud proceeding toward blooming? As striking for their symbolism as for their rich and varied colors in a green world, flowers surely formed a touchstone for human aesthetics from earliest times, and inspire many of my weavings today.  

To the left are several of the colorways I have woven from same design in two different sizes. These are 25 by 40 inches. Immediately too the right, Roses in the Sun is the same design in a larger size, 36 by 60 inches. Farther to the right, see additional variations on this design:

Squash Blossoms, 25 by 40 inches
Passionflowers, 39 by 58 inches
In the Garden of the Night, 25 by 40 inches
Red Azaleas, 30 by 60 inces
Peonies, 39 by 69 inches

Roses in the Sun Squash Blossoms Passionflowers In the Garden of the Night Red Azaleas Peonies