The Fire at the Heart of Winter

  “Very beautiful, very simple, quiet and zen.”

          --Lincoln Pain, Berkeley, CA

“I now own two of Stephanie's rugs (both of which I use on the floor as rugs). While their bold designs and vibrant colors attracted me immediately, I find continuing interest in the tension between traditional colors and contemporary design in ‘Hard Rain,’ and the contemporary twist Stephanie has given the wholly traditional design and colors of ‘Peonies.’ ”
                 --C.T.D.,  San Francisco

Ancient Sun

  “...lush colors, intriguing designs, attention to detail.”

                  --Sheila O’Hara, Tapestry Artist

" '
Red Sun' brings the energy of the sun to my studio in the basement of an historic building in Seattle's Pioneer Square--and inspires me with its rich, varied colors and flawless technique.”
                      --Karen Hust
Red Sun

Stephanie T. Hoppe, Handwoven Wool Rugs


Durable and portable as rugs are, since ancient times they have provided not only the material comfort of covering earthen floors but also a sense of stability and safe haven for wandering peoples settling in new or strange places. Woven of richly dyed wool, often patterned with symbols, rugs portrayed details of history and culture as well as feeding the sense of beauty that seems to be a universal and enduring human trait—even need. For modern Americans—also often nomadic!— a handwoven rug can provide a focus for a new addition to a house or for reorganizing or enhancing an existing area of living space.

I design my rugs for placement on the floor, where viewers looking from different angles as they sit or stand or move around a room will see subtle shifts in the colors and patterns. Many of my designs include heathery or variegated effects so the rug will not easily show the dirt and litter of foot traffic. The continuous warp results in finished edges, or selvages, on all four sides and enables tight packing of the weft yarn so that it cannot shift or abrade under foot traffic, which ensures the durability of these rugs for use on the floor.

But my weavings can also be enjoyed as wall hangings. They are reversible, with the colors and patterns the same on both sides, but on request I can attach a fabric sleeve to one side to be equipped with a wooden batten for hanging.

On a smooth wood or tile floor, a mat under the rug prevents slippage. On carpeting, a mat protects the rug from wearing against the carpet. If chair or table legs are placed on the rug, rubber coasters will spread their weight and soften any sharp edges. Occasional vacuuming suffices for ordinary cleaning. Spot stains can be removed with mild soap and water, blotted with toweling. More thorough cleaning can be performed by dry cleaning or by gently washing with wool soap and cold water on a flat surface such as a patio. Hung over a railing, a rug will dry overnight in dry weather.
Like a River

"Like a River," 5 feet by 8 feet, centers this room, connecting the artworks, furniture, outdoors, and general proportions of floor and walls, light and space--a navigable waterway in itself.

Bright Earth from indoors"

"Bright  Earth"  forms  a transition
between indoor and outdoor living areas in this California home,  prefiguring the sunlit day as one goes out, and bringing something of the bright sunshine  indoors when one enters the house.

Bright Earth from Outdoors

"Dance to the Music," together with the painting that insipired it, illuminate an otherwise rather dark interior hallway. 
Dance to the Music